Jesse Lupini
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Jesse Lupini
Producer, Director, Science Communicator

Based in Vancouver, Jesse Lupini is a

Producer, Director, Science Communicator.

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Based in beautiful Vancouver, Jesse Lupini is a director and producer with a deep love of science, storytelling and music. He enjoys telling stories that look at the real issues of today through the lens of science fiction. Jesse’s most recent project is a documentary about a new cancer treatment called The Rarest Drug on Earth. He’s recently directed music videos for electronic music artists DIY HIFI and IAMFOREST. His latest narrative short, Day 34, won best film and best director at the Run n’ Gun Film Competition, among others. Jesse has also directed commercials for brands including Postmark Brewing, Kanso Coffee, DigiTech and Belgard Kitchen, as well as producing several viral videos about Canadian politics. He is the co-owner of Avocado Video, a Vancouver production company that specializes in using film to explain complex concepts in simple, accessible ways.


I’m in the process of adding more of my work to this site, but in the mean time, you can get in touch with me via the contact form.


Featured Projects

the Rarest Drug on Earth


A documentary about a revolutionary new cancer treatment that relies on a rare radioactive isotope, and the scientists who are working to produce more of it with the world’s largest cyclotron particle accelerator. Targeted Alpha Therapy has the potential to one day replace Chemotherapy as the go-to treatment for management of metastatic cancer. Actinium-225, a radioactive isotope that one promising treatment relies on, is so rare that only a handful of patients can be treated each year. Follow the story.


Iteration 1


Produced as part of the Crazy8s filmmaking competition, Iteration 1 is an experimental Sci-Fi short film starring Katherine Isabelle (American Mary, Ginger Snaps).